Meet Jennie Maretti, Orlando’s Beloved Wedding Planner

Picture your wedding day flowing smoothly, each detail showcasing your unique love story, with moments that leave you in awe. That’s the magic Jennie Maretti brings to life. As an experienced wedding planner passionate about creating unforgettable experiences, Jennie has become a popular pick for couples seeking elegance and sophistication.

Jennie’s wedding planning approach is unmatched, combining meticulous attention to detail with a natural ability to capture each couple’s vision. Whether you envision a cozy garden ceremony or a grand celebration, Jennie ensures every part of your special day is perfect. Join us to see how Jennie Maretti can make your wedding dreams come true, leaving you and your guests with unforgettable memories.

What sparked your interest in working in events?

I started my career as a banker and handled marketing and business development, which eventually led me to organize corporate events in New York. After relocating to Florida, I began working at the Veranda, focusing on marketing and gradually transitioned into selling weddings. This was a significant shift from corporate events. As my experience grew, I expanded into floral arrangements, and for the past decade, I’ve operated my business, Pixies & Petals.

What’s your favorite type of wedding?

Garden weddings are incredibly popular in Florida, but I have a special fondness for ethnic weddings, particularly Indian weddings. They stand out to me because of the elaborate preparations Plus, Indian weddings often feature elephants, adding to their uniqueness.

A garden path decorated with a sign reading "Wedding.

How much should couples budget for weddings?

The national average for a wedding is around $35,000, but most of our weddings here tend to range from $85,000 to $100,000. This can vary widely though, typically landing between $35,000 and $85,000 depending on the vendors you choose and how many guests you invite. Most weddings we work with seat around 120 people.

What personal qualities and skills are essential for success in this industry?

A genuine desire to help people is crucial. You need to wholeheartedly invest in someone’s dream. The planning process can be stressful and demanding, so being present and attentive to ensure it’s the best day of their lives is vital. Additionally, managing their budget responsibly is important, as a lot of emotions are involved. I often find myself having deep conversations with clients about their personal lives.

How do you keep up with trends and news in the ever-evolving wedding industry?

Clients often dictate trends. Each one has unique preferences, and many draw inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, especially if they’re budget-conscious. Vendors also play a role by updating their inventory and attending showcases. I’ve noticed that trends tend to rotate every 18 months.

What are your favorite wedding venues and bridal shops in Orlando?

Maitland Art Center is incredibly unique. The Grand Cypress at Disney is also wonderful as it allows for a full weekend celebration. The Adams Estate at Lake Alfred is beautiful, and Eola View is another excellent venue. My favorite bridal shop was One and Only Bridal, though it recently closed. For bridal salons, I recommend Solutions Bridal, Calvet Couture, and White Magnolia in Tampa. It’s essential that bridal shops offer inclusive sizes.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I take on fewer projects during the summer. I do have a wedding in Miami this Saturday, but things typically pick up in September. October and March are the busiest months. Recently, I’ve been working on design consulting for local bars in Downtown Orlando, including the Woods & Proper.

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