History of Orlando Eola View

Welcome to Eola View, our stunning venue space in downtown Orlando. Nestled in the heart of the city, our Orlando venue breathes new life into a historic location with a rich legacy. Once known as The University Club of Orlando, this iconic spot has undergone a remarkable transformation.

The University Club of Orlando: A Historical Overview

The University Club of Orlando was established in 1926, at a time when Orlando was experiencing significant growth and transformation. The club was founded by a group of prominent local leaders and intellectuals who envisioned a space where professionals could gather to exchange ideas, foster connections, and engage in cultural and educational activities. The club quickly became a prestigious institution, attracting members from various walks of life who were united by their commitment to community and intellectual enrichment.

The University Club of Orlando grew in size and influence over the decades. The club became known for its exclusive events, ranging from elegant social gatherings and galas to thought-provoking lectures and discussions. Its membership roster included some of the most influential figures in Orlando’s history, including business leaders, politicians, and academics.


The club underwent several renovations and expansions to accommodate its growing membership and evolving needs. Each renovation preserved the club’s classic architectural charm while introducing modern amenities and features. These changes ensured the club remained a relevant and appealing destination for its members.

As the years went by, The University Club faced challenges common to many historic institutions, including changing social dynamics and financial pressures due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Despite efforts to adapt, the club found it increasingly difficult to sustain its operations.

In the lead-up to its closure, the club experienced a mixture of nostalgia and sadness from its members and the community. The final events held in September 2023 were marked by reflections on the club’s storied past and its lasting impact on Orlando.

View from a stylish outdoor patio overseeing downtown Orlando

The Birth of Our Orlando Venue

Following the closure of The University Club of Orlando in September 2023, the historic space underwent a remarkable transformation to become Eola View which is under new ownership. The decision to repurpose the venue from a private club to a public space was pivotal in its history.

Eola View emerged from its transformation with a fresh new look that seamlessly blends historic charm with contemporary elegance. The venue’s interiors were reimagined to create versatile, functional, and visually stunning spaces. The result is a modern yet timeless space that invites guests to explore and experience its beauty.

One of the defining features of Eola View is the incorporation of artwork by local artists throughout the venue. From murals and sculptures to decorative accents and furnishings, these pieces celebrate Orlando’s vibrant arts community and add a sense of authenticity to the space. Each artwork tells a story and contributes to the overall ambiance of Eola View, making it a truly unique destination for events and gatherings.

Choose Our Orlando Event Space for Your Next Function

Eola View offers a variety of versatile spaces to accommodate events of all sizes and types. Whether you’re hosting an intimate cocktail reception, a corporate conference, or a grand wedding celebration, Eola View has the perfect space for you.

Ready to elevate your next event to new heights? Don’t wait any longer—contact Eola View today to start planning an unforgettable experience.

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