• Jennie Maretti - Wedding Planner

Meet Jennie Maretti, Orlando’s Beloved Wedding Planner

June 28, 2024|

Picture your wedding day flowing smoothly, each detail showcasing your unique love story, with moments that leave you in awe. That's the magic Jennie Maretti brings to life. As an experienced wedding planner passionate about [...]

  • Orlando venue

History of Orlando Eola View

June 21, 2024|

Welcome to Eola View, our stunning venue space in downtown Orlando. Nestled in the heart of the city, our Orlando venue breathes new life into a historic location with a rich legacy. Once known as [...]

  • outdoor patio image

Tips for Planning the Perfect Graduation Party Venue Setup

June 14, 2024|

1. Determine the Guest List Start by finalizing the guest list to ensure you choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate everyone. This will help you find the space you need and ensure that there’s [...]

  • Bride and Groom image

What is the Role of a Great Wedding Venue?

May 1, 2024|

When it comes to matrimony, the choice of wedding venue emerges not merely as a location, but as the very canvas upon which the day's memories will be painted. It's a perfect example of elegance [...]

Wendy Gray

Wendy Gray is the General Manager for Eola View responsible for overseeing all aspects of delivering the highest quality events that will create a memorable experience for the clients. Wendy has over 15 years of experience in the field of event management. Her most recent experience was managing the operations and events of the University Club of Orlando for the past five years. She is an expert in event management, banquet operation, and guest satisfaction. She has worked with clients such as Bacardi, Tiger Woods Gala, UCF, and many more. Wendy’s attention to detail and her emphasis on high-quality delivery will make any event a smashing success. Wendy has been involved in various charity programs in Central Florida such as the lifeboat project focusing on the elimination of human trafficking and helping the survivors. Wendy holds an associate of science degree from Berkley/Bay Path College